Ulrich Klingel BSM 80 Drill Grinder

Geplaatst op 27 juli 2012

Merk Ulrich Klingel
Type BSM 80
Jaar 1993
Drill grinder core drill countersinks screw taps
Slijplengte (mm) Diam. 5 - 80 mm
Slijpbreedte (mm) L = Unlimited
Slijphoogte (mm) Edges 2 - 3 (4-6)
Slijpschijf diameter (mm) 300 x 70 x 127
Rpm 2.830 / 0,55 kW
New Euro 50.000
Core drills with 3 or 4 cutting edges undergo continiously a finish grinding process. Free grinding is realised by an infinitely adjustable axial motion. Countersinks The grinding of core drills with 2,3,4 or 6 cutting edges is performed at an extremely small clearance angle (infinitely variable adjustment). Additional attachments are provided to be put on for tools with one and with five cutting edges. Screw taps With 2,4, or 6 cutting edges are first ground with the tool rotation. Only by straight fluted screw taps. Drills / Countersinks with pilot It is possible to regrind drills and countersinks with pilots. You also can grind the pilot by a first step and the second step is to adjust the required angle and then grind this.


Ulrich Klingel
BSM 80
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