CNC Internal Grinder

KNOPS - Werkzeugmaschinen (10)
S 140 CNC
30 augustus 2018

STUDER S140 - CNC cylindrical I/D grinding machine with Q-axis
(3 spindles – two installed)


Hours 52,966

Current state very good / very precise

Max grinding I/D diameter 100 mm
Software version: SIEMENS 840D V2-01
Maximum/average power requirement 56 kVa/28 kVa
Voltage 3x 380 ±10Volt / 50 Hz
Weight of the machine ca. 6,0 t

Dimensions of basic machine 2,560 x 1,810 x 2,200
Footprint of working area. 4,810x 3,800x 2,200 mm

Coolant system: Oil
Fire extinction Automatic CO2 Total Walter K8
Backup fire extinguishing system Inert gas generator (military type)
Sensitron touching system Diettel M5000
Two spindles installed 2 x F 120 mm / GMN 90,000 RPM + 45,000 RPM
Converters ACOMEL
Two high frequency dressing spindles
Technical specifications
Very rigid Granitan S103 machine bed
X axis max travel 300 mm
X axis rapid feed 15,000 mm/min
X axis resolution 0.0001 mm
Z axis max travel 300 mm
Z axis rapid feed 15,000 mm/min
Z axis resolution 0.0001 mm
Q axis
Workhead speeds 0-1,000 rpm continuous

Collet clamping system Powerhold pneumatic, - the original hydraulic system
left in place, but disabled.
Workhead taper MK5
Documentation files for commissioning, safety rules, operating,
programming, maintenance, electrical diagrams.


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40233 Duesseldorf (Germany)