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Plasmasnijmachine Messer Griesheim

APT International N.V. (3936)
2 december 2008

X-as 30000 mm, Y-as 4100 mm, dikte 60 mm

2 tafels van 14200 x 4800 mm

1 afschuinende kop - 5 assen CNC Omnicon

bron: Hypertherm HT 4001 longlife

Plasmabron: Hypertherm HT 4001 longlife Brander(s): 1 plasma Skew Rotator Uitvoering (portaal - ......): portal 6000 mm Aflezing / Sturing: Omnicon CNC Lengte L -- R: 30 000 mm Extra Info: The fine radiation plasma technology is outstandingly suitable for smaller angles of intersection. Efficient, with a high cutting velocity and a clean cutting edge, it is a genuine alternative to laser technology. Contrary to torch cutting, fine plasma cutting incorporates an additional current when the material is being cut. Messer Griesheim OmniMat L6000 With a work surface of 14,200 x 4,500 x 60 mm, a bridge width up to 6,000 mm, high dynamics and positioning speeds of up to 35 m/min, the chamfer high speed system offers a great cutting accuracy and contour constancy. The 5 axle plasma head makes it possible to achieve pinpoint cutting of +/-50°-chamfers. Exact linear guidance provides for fast and precise cutting. Skew Rotator: the most successful plasma bevel cutting head ever. Compound Skew axis system for high flexibility and productivity No cumbersome arc segments to risk collision or inhibit the cut Unlimited C axis rotation. Full contineous CNC bevelling head! Plasma marking: for engraving of lines, contours and caracters on plate surfaces. Advantages: low noise, variabel marking depht (can mark even through heavy mill scale, clear physical mark, not easily removed. Max marking speed: 12 m/min

+32 9386 15 71
Plasmasnijmachine Messer Griesheim'

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