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ULMER AL1500 Delivery device

Intramco Europe (3)
22 april 2014

Delivery device AL 1500

 The delivery tray of the AL-range comes into process as an electro-pneumatic delivery system, for example in-line with cutting machines of the SM 15-range or in-line with stripping machines. By means of the conveyor belt, the processed items are transported to the delivery tunnel. Having reached the materials’ end, the conveyor belt will stop automatically and the items are directly placed straight and ordered in the collection tray. Due to this production step, the items are available for further processing in an optimized quality.

 The open output side of the AL-delivery tray allows to deliver items which are longer than the overall length of the tray.

 Optionally, the AL can be equipped with an intermediate tray, which enables to place bundles of processed items.

 Technical Data

 Drive motor: Servo
 Speed: max. 3500 mm / sec.
 Length: 2000 mm
 Depth: 800 mm
 Height: 1800 mm
 Throughput heigth/-width: 120 mm
 Inlet height: 1090 mm
 Weight: 160 kg
 Air supply: 4 bar / 29 psi
 Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz

ULMER AL1500 Delivery device'

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